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Gabriel Mikuláš Svajczer

*11.6.1784, Košice † 4.8.1845, Baia Mare, Romania
Rector of the Mining and Forestry Academy,
advisor of the court and chief comorian count
in the period from 11. September 1834 to 13. April 1845

Gabriel Mikulas Svajczer was born on 11. June 1784, in a house on Hradbová street no.12 (1.568), as a descendant of an old mining family, which moved to then Kingdom of Hungary from Switzerland and operated at various locations of Spiš – Gemer ore mountains.

The family, headed by his grandfather Henrich Svajczer, after moving to Košice, works first in the service of Count Csáky and soon also in the royal town of Košice. At the same time, they were operating in mining in Zlatá Idka. The only son of Henrich, Anton Svajczer, the father of the Gabriel Mikulas Svajczer, is recorded in the annals of the city in 1772 as a senator, literally „Her Majesty Mary Theresa – superiorus Hungarie courburarius“. Anton Svajczer and his wife Barbara, maiden name Stakin, have a total of seven children, six of them remained alive, four sons and two daughters.

Gabriel Mikulas is the youngest child. At the same time, father´s brother uncle Francis Xaver Svajczer had operated in the town as a catholic priest, who is recorded in the register as the baptist of all children of Anton Svajczer, until his death on 19. April 1809, at the age of 85 years.